Effective fire protection
for thatched roofs
More than 1,000 fireproofed thatched roofs
& recommended by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI)

How Sepatec works

Heightened safety
Slows the spread of fire

In case of fire, especially in thatched roofs, time is the most critical factor. A thatched roof featuring the Sepatec fire protection system burns more slowly than a thatched roof with no fireproofing.


Time it takes a thatched roof to burn through

  • Without Sepatec

Approx. 5 minuttes

  • With Sepatec

Approx. 30 minuttes

Reduce your insurance premium

Reduce building distance requirements

Recognised fire protection system
Reduce legal distance and insurance

Sepatec provides advantages in terms of legal distance requirements and insurance.

Several national fire safety authorities have reduced the legal distance requirements significantly for thatched structures featuring the Sepatec system.

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