What is Sepatec?

Sepatec is an effective fire protection system for your new thatched roof.

In case of fire, especially in thatched roofs, time is the most critical factor. The slower a fire spreads, the more time you have to save yourself, your family and your home.

Heightened safety

When a thatched roof is protected with Sepatec, a fire will burn significantly more slowly than in a roof with no fireproofing.

Proven fire protection

Sepatec is the most widely recognised fire protection system for thatched roofs in the world. Sepatec is certified in by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI). Certification is pending in the UK and other countries..


Professional installation

Sepatec can be installed by your thatch specialist at the same time as your new thatched roof.

How Sepatec works

Sepatec is a patented system for thatched roofs comprising a flexible fibreglass membrane combined with mineral wool.

A fibreglass membrane able to withstand temperatures of more than 800°C is laid out across the roof battens before laying the thatch. Mineral wool able to withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C is laid along the eaves and ridges of the thatched roof.

Sepatec prevents fire from spreading through the gaps between the thatch and the rafters. This means the fire won’t spread explosively along the underside of the thatch as it would in a roof with no fireproofing.


Sepatec allows the thatch to dry

In contrast to other fire protection systems for thatched roofs, Sepatec allows the thatch to breathe and dry. Thatched roofs protected with Sepatec therefore have a longer lifespan than thatched roofs with other fire protection systems.

Recognised fire protection

The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) has approved the reduction of the legal distance to boundary requirement from 10 metres to 5 metres after demonstrating no increased fire risk in connection with thatched roofs protected with the Sepatec system.

In the UK, a reduction in the legal distance requirement from 12 metres to 6 metres may be possible with the installation of Sepatec. Contact your local fire safety authority for more information.

Easy to install

Sepatec is simple to install and is suitable for all types of thatched roof structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Sepatec fire protection system cost?

The price for protecting your thatched roof with Sepatec starts at EUR 23,50 per square metre (incl. VAT and installation). The price depends on, among other things, the size and design of the thatched roof. Request a quote from a thatch specialist who is trained to install the Sepatec system.

How long will my Sepatec fire protection system last?

The Sepatec fire protection system will last as long as your thatched roof.

Can I use the Sepatec fire protection system with my existing thatched roof?

Unfortunately, no. The Sepatec fire protection system can only be installed with a new thatched roof or when you rethatch.

Can I install Sepatec in stages?

Yes. It is possible to install Sepatec in individual sections of a roof either when replacing or rethatching your roof. When it is time to thatch or rethatch the rest of your roof, simply continue with the installation of the Sepatec system.

What are the benefits of installing Sepatec in, for instance, one/fifth of my roof?

You will achieve effective fire protection and increased safety in your home.

May I insulate up to the Sepatec fibreglass membrane?

No. When you insulate up to the Sepatec membrane, you prevent the flow of air, which will reduce the lifespan of your roof.

An under-roof membrane is laid out on the rafters when Sepatec is installed. You may install insulation up to this membrane. A 30-millimetre (minimum) clamping strip is mounted on top of this membrane and then covered with laths as normal. This ensures that there will always be an air gap.

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